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We are Radical Freesh - the most badass, incorrigible, no-frills place on the web offering free radical sh** every day! We've got hunting gear, tactical body armor, scopes, triggers, stocks, camo, binoculars...if you want it, and it's radical, and it's free - then you've arrived. 

What's that you say? You DON'T like radical freesh? Then BEGONE with you! AWAY! Stop contributing to false impressions and skewing the bounce rate of our website, you dick. How dare you waste our precious cost-per-click program budget with your insincere interest. We will be coming after you for damages. 

But if radical freesh is your jam, we suggest you crack open a Four Loco, pour it into your Black Rifle Coffee, and prepare yourself for the most breathtaking, crowd-sourced selection of free giveaways on the interwebs. 

Wanna be friends? Don’t be intimidated. We might seem like the most badass renegades to ever write an About Us section - and you'd be right - but like that cousin you avoid who wears a tuxedo t shirt at weddings, we've got style AND class. 

Interested in letting some of your freesh fly? If you have some freesh to giveaway, please fill out this generic-ass form below, and some idiot we barely pay will get in contact with you.